Q-1. Why Energy Bites ??

One should prefer energy bites as these are homely products made with Dry fruits with No Added Sugar, Color & Preservatives. Its nutritious, healthy & 100 % natural. It can be consumed by all age group. These Energy balls are blessing of GOD which energies body, mind & soul in your daily hectic schedule .

Q-2. How Energy Bites Work ?

Energy Bites products are made in home kitchen with hygiene while taking care of all COVID 19 precautions. Keeping our customers health in mind we prepare only fresh products on order. We use market best products & plant based sweetener ( Stevia ) for preparing Energy Balls.

Q-3. What are energy bites?

Energy bites have a satiating combination of protein, good crabs, healthy fats, and high in fiber. Each ball offers you between 100-250 calories depending on the ingredients. Also, energy bites are portable, so they are the perfect healthy on-the-go snack before or after your workout! It can be consumed by all age group of peoples They are loaded with the goodness of dry fruits and the richness of Nuts & seeds, these super healthy Energy bites are good to go for any time of the day, packed with vitamins & minerals and Protein & essential dietary Fiber & Nutrients!!

Q-4. What are the Health benefits of Energy bites?

They are full with nutrients, made with super food and whole food, high in protein, healthy carbs, fats, and fiber, which helps build lean muscle mass, boost energy and aid weight maintenance. Essentially, they are simply the guilt-free, energy hit and the perfect snack! Super foods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Eating them may reduce the risk of chronic disease, and prolonged life, and people who eat more of them are healthier than those who don’t.” - Health Magazine

Q-5. Are your foods organic?

Yes, our treats are 100% organic, and the quality of our ingredients is up to the mark. We use organic ingredients.

Q-6. Can I order the Energy Bites for a party?

Yes, you can. Energybites can cater for all events, and we can supply bulk orders. What you need to do is simply send us an email, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs and make them memorable.

Q-7. I have an issue with my parcel- what to do?

Every order undergoes careful checks from baking to packing. In case there is an issue, please let us know ASAP.

Q-8. What is the best time to eat energy bites?

The best times to eat these energy bites are Pre-gym, Post-gym, Between meals, and 3 PM treats.

Q-9. How many balls to consume per day?

Ensure that you don’t overeat energy balls, but some recipes have high calories.

Q-10. Do you add preservatives & additives to Energy bites?

You can rest assured that the energy bites are 100% free of chemical preservatives and other additives.

Q-11. How do I Store Sweets from Energy bites?

Our sweets from Energy bites have a pretty high shelf life with no added water in them. That said, it becomes a mixture of dry fruits, nuts, dates, and spices.

Q-12. Why are your products expensive?

We do not involve unhealthy ingredients and chemical farming strategies. Since we do not use cheaper ingredients like sugar, Maida, and oil, the products are expensive.

Q-13. What is your Delivery Policy?

We deliver within NCR in 4 days & PAN India within 10 -12 days.

Q-14. Do you Deliver outside Delhi Also?

Yes, we deliver products to numerous locations around India.

Q-15. How Energy Bites are prepared?

Energy Bites products are made in home kitchen with 100 % natural products. We follow all hygiene & COVID 19 Precautionary guidelines. Keeping our customers health in mind we only prepare fresh products on demand

Q-16. Do you use Honey /Jaggery /refind sugar to sweeten your products?

No. Honey is an animal product and isn't good for health either. It converts to blood sugar a lot faster than something like whole dates that also has fiber. We don’t use any white cane sugar/beet sugar or syrup, or any other form of refined sugar that will spike your blood sugar levels too fast. Our sweet products are only sweetened with dates & Stevia or other whole fruits where we retain the fiber instead of extracting just the sugars.

Q-17. Do you use preservatives & additives?

Our products are 100% free of chemical preservatives and other additives. We also do not fry our products or use added oil. This makes them great for health!

Q-18. How do I Store your Sweets?

Our sweets tend to have a pretty high shelf life because there is no added water in them. They are usually a mixture of dry fruits, nuts, dates and spices. They last for over a month. Just store in a dry closed jar and enjoy!

Q-19. How many balls should we consume per day?

“Everything in moderation.” says Oscar Wilde. Too much of anything is never good for your body, so make sure you don’t overeat Energy bites even though it’s healthy but some recipes can have high calories. So if you over-consume them, you might end up having too many calories in a day with no realization.

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